Disinfection Deep Cleaning

Many of you have made enquiries about deep cleaning and disinfection cleaning and we have been busy working to find a reliable and honest company who can carry out this cleaning whom we can work in partnership with.

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The accepted method of disinfection cleaning is known as Electrostatic Disinfection Cleaning. This process involves the use of a machine that adds an electrical charge to the chemical being used, which enables the mist to wrap itself around any surface even when not sprayed directly at the surface to be covered.

Please contact us and we will be happy to give you a no obligation quotation to carry out your requirements.

How does Electrostatic Disinfection Work

The disinfectant mist that leaves the machine is electrically charged which allows the chemical to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a deep clean. As the chemical leaves the electrostatic sprayer, it is given a positive charge which become attracted to negative surfaces, covering the visible surface, underside and backside with the sanitizing chemical.

Application and control

The chemical is added to an electrostatic spraying machine which is then used to spray an ultra-fine vapour mist that clings to surfaces in the desired area. As the mist is very fine and is stuck to the surface no droplets or runs will be noticeable making it safe to use in office environments. The chemical is left to act and is ready to be populated within hours.

The recommended range of disinfectants formulated for best results through the electrostatic sprayers are as follows:

  • Ultra
    This is the instant kill disinfectant which removes the bio film on the surface meaning that it exposes the organic matter where the harmful bacteria multiply and kills them. Ultra is only used if there is an outbreak of infectious disease and will have a working kill rate of 24 hours.
  • Control
    This spray is used for sanitation cleaning and will add protection for up to 4 weeks, however this can vary in very high traffic areas. Control is best left undisturbed for 8-10 hours and best applied and left overnight or on weekends

Testing Results

Once the areas have been sanitised swabs will be taken and analysed in a Hygiena ATP portable monitoring machine and will have a pass or fail reading. Once the areas have passed the work will be complete and a report with the readings will be emailed to the client.

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